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He pertained to the United States for high school, then got a toolbox to assault it, cops say

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In the couple of months that An Tso Sun had actually remained in the United States, authorities declare, the foreign-exchange student used a school iPad to learn ways to purchase weapons, possessed a plan to massacre his high school schoolmates and put together the starts of a “military-style” toolbox in his rural Philadelphia bed room. The 18-year-old was apprehended Tuesday night on a terroristic danger charge, a first-degree misdemeanor. On Wednesday, Upper Darby cops transported the ammunition, crossbow, ski mask and gun-making parts they found in Sun’s space to a press conference. ” When you’re able to generate these kinds of products and you’re not even a person of the United States … something’s incorrect someplace,” Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood informed the collected press reporters. “Someone’s not viewing.” While cops framed the teenager’s habits ominously, Sun’s lawyer stated the teenager was safe– a military lover who didn’t understand how a dark joke would be analyzed by his schoolmates, in a nation that has actually been shocked by school massacres.

” He didn’t mature in the Columbine generation,” defense lawyer Enrique Latoison informed The Washington Post, describing the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. “He’s only been here 5 months. He does not get it like we get it.” Latoison stated Sun pertained to the United States in the fall from Taiwan, which has a few of the strictest weapon laws worldwide. [The remarkable variety of kids who have actually withstood school shootings since Columbine] He was hosted by the family of a Pennsylvania lawyer, whom cops have actually not called, and registered at Bonner & Prendergast Catholic High School in Drexel Hill for his senior year.

Latoison stated his customer had actually currently been accepted to a U.S. university and had actually prepared to significant in criminal justice. But according to authorities, his habits in high school alarmed his schoolmates. Last February, Chitwood stated at a press conference Wednesday, Sun brought a “superior” bullet to school and revealed it off to a schoolmate. He also revealed the student a video of himself in a mask, running a weapon, the cops superintendent stated. A long time later on, Chitwood stated, Sun informed a schoolmate: “Don’t come to school on May 1, because I’m going to soar the school.” Sun informed his schoolmate the remark was a joke, according to both cops and the defense lawyer.

But authorities do not think he was joking.

Later on, Chitwood stated, Sun asked the exact same student ways to purchase a weapon. This concerned the student enough that he reported the remark to an instructor, and the high school principal called authorities about it Tuesday early morning. ” He’s not being bullied; he’s not mad at anyone,” Latoison informed The Post. “He was just believing he’s being amusing. And he wasn’t.” In any case, authorities started examining Sun the exact same day. They discovered he had actually logged into a school iPad to research AK-47 and AR-15 rifles and had actually looked for directions on the best ways to purchase the weapons. Persuaded that the teenager’s risk was major, authorities got warrants, detained Sun on Tuesday afternoon then browsed his host family’s home. At the press conference, cops had actually set out products took from the teenager’s bed room throughout 2 long tables.

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